Cinderella the Musical on Broadway – Is it safe for kids? You’ll be shocked!

One of my favorite shows, Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella the Musical is coming back to broadway and I cannot wait. The problem is that it is not the same type of story or tale as the original Disney version of the show and the music is 100% different. Neither version that most of us love are even close to the original story and the only broadway show that even gets close to the original is Into The Woods by Stephen Sondheim. So if you are wondering if Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella the musical is kid friendly, my answer is no for little kids, yes for ones who are pre teen and perfect for teenagers and parents who are looking for a fun and friendly show. Here is why Cinderella the musical is not kid friendly in our opinion.

First off, there is no blood, swearing or anything that would make Cinderella the musical not kid friendly. It actually has cute and fun music, great characters and has the carriage, etc… The reason it isn’t friendly for little kids is that Disney destroyed it for them. If your little girl loves the Disney Princesses and Cinderella is her favorite, she will definitely be disappointed, unless you can explain that this is a new version of her favorite movie.

The songs from the Disney version like “Bibbidi Boppidi Boo” or “The Dress Song” (where the mice are sewing her a gown for the ball) aren’t in this show. Instead you get awesome songs like “In My Own Little Corner” and “Impossible” to replace them. Although these songs are fun for kids to sing a long to, if you took your kids to see shows like The Lion King or Mary Poppins, then they may be disappointed when they don’t see all of their favorite characters or hear their favorite songs from the Disney movie version. Unless your kids are old enough to understand that there are different versions and that they are old enough to be able to enjoy both, it may be best to leave them with their classic favorite version. One other reason that the Rogers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella the musical is not friendly for little kids is that they do have some adult jokes that the kids won’t always get.

Although the jokes are more for the adults, if the costumes and characters are like the movie version of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella the Musical, then the kids will still be able to laugh at the funny faces, voices and costumes they use. If your kids are ok with a new version, not hearing their favorite movie version of the songs and characters, then this should could actually be kid friendly. Luckily there are a few things that will be familiar for them.

Cinderella the musical on broadway still has a lot of the main characters kids love like the Fairy Godmother, The wicked step sisters and mean step mom. They still have a carriage (I am guessing because I haven’t seen the new stage version yet but it is one of the biggest icons of the show) and they still have a prince charming and glass slipper. They still use the glass slipper to find Cinderella and Cinderella still marries the prince in the Rogers and Hammerstein version of the show. I love this show and cannot wait to see it when it opens, however if your kids are used to seeing the Disney shows on Broadway and also love the Disney version of the movie, then this may not be good for them. If your kids are able to enjoy both versions then I highly recommend you take them as this is definitely one of the best broadway shows for kids opening this year.

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