Broadway Shows for Kids

Broadway Shows for Kids brings you a full list of fun and fabulous broadway shows for kids reviews that will help you pick out which musicals are good for any kid of any age from toddler to teenagers and boy or girl.  With over 100 shows, plays and musicals under our belts, this site Broadway Shows for Kids will be your and your friends best resources for not only finding a musical that is appropriate for your kids and one that will keep them entertained, but we also know how to get broadway tickets on sale for you for both NYC and touring and local casts in your own city.  There are a ton of things to consider when you are thinking about taking your kids to a show for the first time.

If the show isn’t fun, geared towards their age group, or they cannot understand what is going on, you could make theatre something that bores them and that they hate.  At the same time, shows you would think would be kid friendly, because they are made from a tv show, movie or are based on a character that everyone loves, doesn’t mean it is actually appropriate for kids.  Some of them may have things for kids to do like pose with cut outs and have a birthday party, but during the show there could be things that could be too mature for some kids, to boring for older kids and to adult oriented for any kid.  That’s why we review, screen and more than likely have seen the shows, spoken with people who have gone to see these musicals and plays and feel confident that we can give a seal of approval so that you can feel confident in your choice of broadway shows for kids that everyone will love and enjoy.

What Makes Broadway Shows For Kids, Kid Friendly Broadway Shows

We have a process that we use to figure out what will make broadway shows kid friendly. The first thing we look at is the music and special effects. If they music is all slow and ballads, about love or geared towards adults, it could bore a lot of children. If the music is a mix of fun, happy and upbeat songs with the belting and the ballads, then it is probably good for kids. The second thing we look at is the content of the show.

Some shows are more geared towards adults, but the production could be made for kids instead so a traditionally boring show for kids could be the perfect one to take them too. We try to find out what they are doing with the costuming or with the spoken parts and if they made it a more upbeat or bright or colorful or more kid friendly staging. If they do then we are happy to recommend it, but we do try to see it, watch the trailers and videos and then figure out who it could be good for.

At Broadway Shows for Kids we’re always looking for new reviews and what parents and care givers think.  If you saw a show, whether it was on broadway, a touring cast in your city or even just one you saw locally, feel free to let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below the show’s review or if it hasn’t been reviewed yet, use the contact form and paste in your review of the show or just tell us what show you would like to review, give us your name and email address and we’ll more than likely use your reviews on our site to help other parents find kid friendly broadway shows for kids.  Also, don’t forget to buy your tickets through the vendors on this site to help support this site.  Just click on the banner and make a purchase without using a coupon and we’ll be able to continue our search for kid friendly broadway shows for kids.